In Angelniemi there is a farm for happy cows and happy workers called Tammenpään tila run by Kia and Mats Boijer. There the cows can walk in and out of the barn and on to green fields at their own will. They have names instead of numbers and the farmers know them as individuals. This is what farming should be about. A worthy life for cow and human side by side. A mutual collaboration with mutual benefits. At this farm locals can buy the milk straight from the tank – raw and unpasteurized milk – which is called tinkimaito in Finnish.

In fact, that is what I did this very morning. 10 liters of tinkimaito in a bucket ready to become viili. But unfortunately this will not be possible for much longer. There is a new law being proposed in Finland to prevent this from happening – legally.

For more info, in Finnish only, but Google translate gives you an idea of the content.http://www.taloussanomat.fi/myynti/2011/03/22/nyt-alkoi-maitosota/20113928/135

Please join forces to stop this happening if you disagree! There is a facebooksite: Tinkimaito that you can join.

Anyway, now 9 liters of milk is waiting to become viili – yes, one litre went in the rye- porridge this morning!


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