Eva Bakkeslett is an artist and cultivator. As part of her artistic practice she reveals and reclaims forgotten or rejected practices, concepts and cultures that she cultivates and shares with others. Her work brings our attention and awareness to the patterns that connect us to the earth as a living organism. Her fascination for the process of fermentation was born from exploring the living cultures of sourdough bread. For her research she is now cultivating a 25 year old sourdough originating from Russia, a yoghurt culture originating from Eastern Europe and brought to New York by immigrants more than 100 years ago and her latest pet is a wonderful kefir culture possibly originating from Caucasus.

Eva shows, lectures and performs her work nationally and internationally using a combination of film, performative talks, workshops and social sculpture. She holds an MA in Arts & Ecology from Dartington College of Art in England.

In 2010 she initiated and co-created the social sculpture event Gentle Actions – art,ecology,actions in Oslo, Norway, where she explored the emergent properties of interdisciplinary collaboration. Her award winning film Alchemy – the poetics of bread has been shown in exhibitions and film-festivals worldwide including MoMA, New York. Her ruminations on bread as the art of the everyday was celebrated in her event Companion festival of Bread in Dartington, UK, and as interactive workshops on the Art of bread-making in Norway and the UK. In 2012 she made the film The Magic Tablecloth for Barents Spektakel in Kirkenes, Norway.

Here are some links to my work.







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