This is a cultural tracing of viili. From being homemade with local cultures passed on through generations, most people now buy viili in the shop. Not many people make viili anymore in their homes, or even know how to make it. With this work I am hoping to revitalise viili as a living folk-culture, to bring it alive by the stories and pictures still present in our living memory.

This is a collective work so contributions from the public are vital and welcome in form of stories, pictures, actual cultures (posted by mail or handed in person to the museum) or anything else of relevance. I am thereby tracing the roots of this incredible part of Finnish culture. Every form of contribution is welcome. Nothing is too big or too small. All the gatherings will be displayed at the Salo Art Museum for the duration of the project and also documented on this blog for the future.

My biggest obstacle in this work is that I don’t speak Finnish and a lot of the material I have come across I am unable to access. But please feel free to leave stories or other materials in Finnish and I will have it translated.

I also hope to find an old viili culture that perhaps is still kept alive somewhere deep in the Finnish forest!

Please spread this to people who you think have something to contribute.


With stories and photos please email: bakkesle@online.no

Or come to Salo Museum of Art, Salo

Welcome to the wondrous world of VIILI:)


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