VIILI is an ongoing cultural research that started at The Halikonlahti Green Art Trilogy “FOOD CHAINS” 10.9 – 30.10.2011 in Salo Artmuseum Roundhouse, Finland.

In the project i did a visual mapping of this fascinating culture that has deep roots and a long history in Finland. I  collected stories and search for viili culture, made viili and give a public performance talk on the fermenting cultures. During the period I also hoped to find an old viili culture that perhaps was still kept alive somewhere deep in the Finnish forest. unfortunately I did not succeed. The closes I got was a viiliculture still going in USA brought over by Finnish immigrants. Read the story in the blogpost: https://viiliculture.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/the-seed/


VIILI is a household name for a slimy yoghurt that has developed as an integral part of Finnish culture. Viili used to made at every Finnish home with a local culture handed down through generations.  Now people buy their VIILI in the shop.

My intention with this project is to gather some of the stories and pictures to revitalise the culture that is now rapidly disappearing. All the gatherings will be displayed at the Salo Art museum for the duration of the project and also documented here on this blog.

This is a collective work so contributions from the public are welcome in form of stories, pictures or anything else of relevance so please feel free to contribute!

Please post stories and pictures to bakkesle@online.no

PROGRAM Halikonlahti green Art Triologi 10.9 – 30.10.2011

Sunday the 11th of September

Viili viili!
12.00 Lunchtalk: “Living cultures – from counteraction to fermentation”.
A story about how human and microbial cultures have a lot in common and how viili can teach us important lessons!

14-15 Viili workshop/performance.
Practical and aesthetic workshop of how to make viili.
Limited to 20 participants (for booking contact …) but viewing open to the public. Open to all ages.


7 thoughts on “PROJECT OUTLINE

  1. Hi Eva,

    SAVEUR Magazine is doing a roundup of the best yogurts and wants to consider Viili. I’m wondering if it’s possible for you to send us a couple of samples at our office. The address is as follows:

    15 E 32nd Street
    12th Floor
    New York, NY 10016

    If you could send those over by the end of the week that would be great.


    Editorial Assistant

    • Hi!
      Thank you for the opportunity of putting viili on the food map. Unfortunately it is a bit difficult to mail the viili from the UK but I know a viili connoisseur in the us and will copy him in on the correspondence and get him to send you a sample.

      • Hello I would like to get some original viili since the one I´ve been cultivating I brought from commercial brands in Finland so it changes rapidly :(…and that culture from US is not shipped overseas :(. Do you ship or sell from UK?…Please ….

      • Hi Silvana,
        I can send you some from the UK in a few weeks:)Where are you based? Just mail me your email address. Great if you can reimburse the postage.
        Best, Eva bakkesle(at)online(dot)no

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